Catalyzing Community Action

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CCAN is dedicated to moving beyond planning and strategies to take action. Projects focused on food security, reducing wildfire risk, effective land natural land management, and environmental and social justice are our top priorities.

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CCAN builds on SDSU’s broad network of partners from urban, tribal, border, and wildland-urban interface communities. Together, we’ll use cross-cutting approaches to address climate challenges in the San Diego region.

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SDSU will serve as the hub for CCAN, with team members ranging across colleges and disciplines on campus. Our team will connect grassroots and community-based organizations with our students, faculty, and staff to enact meaningful change.

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Stay tuned for the CCAN Knowledge Portal and other resources.

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Together, SDSU and San Diego communities can address the impacts of climate change in bold new ways to create resilient and vibrant communities. Your support can help us catalyze community action for climate adaptation and resilience.

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Community Climate Action Network

Climate change is a global problem and challenge to local communities. Catalyzing community action and transformation to climate change requires an approach tailored to community needs that empowers communities to envision, express, and enact a just, resilient, and sustainable climate future. This is particularly true in the San Diego region, home to a U.S.-Mexico border, diverse ecosystems, intense land use pressure, under-resourced communities, and large economic disparities. These features present governmental, political, cultural, socio-cultural, and economic barriers that challenge community action to climate change. To overcome these barriers, CCAN is working to support research, education, and action that are driven, tailored, and sustained by our communities.

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