CCAN in Action

Catalyzing. Community. Action.

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Communities are at the center of the CCAN network. CCAN will provide a framework for communities to set their own priorities, connect to and co-create climate adaptation and resilience actions, supporting an individualized approach to community empowerment, transformation and action. By creating an entity to develop and share knowledge about climate change and climate action responses, CCAN will help establish a pathway for successful climate adaptation and resilience in priority communities.

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We will develop a CCAN Knowledge Portal that leverages existing information platforms and will serve as the hub for sharing and integrating science/research/scholarship and tools, community knowledge, data visualizations, and community needs. CCAN will also promote and integrate climate expression through a variety of creative mediums to provide accessible information to communities that represent the unique perspective and experiences of community members.

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CCAN will work closely with a range of community-based organizations that are already embedded and invested in supporting transformation to expand our capacity to serve a range of communities. By establishing a community of practice with interconnected networks, CCAN will have longevity and our portfolio can grow to encompass projects that will serve diverse community needs.  An important advantage of the CCAN approach, focused on targeting action within local communities first, is that impacts can ripple from communities through the entire region, the state, the country, and beyond.